Redeem Your Scholarship

To redeem your STAR Scholarship, please click here.

STAR Scholarship Redemption Requirements

  1. Read the guidelines provided with the application.
  2. Must be redeemed within 1 year of date of award (STAR Premium Auction date).
  3. Recipient must complete the form which includes proof of enrollment. Proof of enrollment should include:
    • Name of student
    • Name of the college/university
    • Verification of enrollment in classes (bill, schedule, statement)
    • Semester of enrollment should be after the date of scholarship award.
  4. It is the Scholar's responsibility to contact STAR and provide any/all information needed.  Individual letters/notices are not mailed out to Scholars.

Special Note

The following scholarships are paid directly by the donor to the student or college/university.  Please contact the donor directly to discuss their redemption requirements.
  • Luis Flores, Jr. Memorial Scholarship
  • Rafael Guerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Victor Guerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Arcadio Guerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Carmen Guerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Arcadio Guerra Memorial Scholarship
  • Hidalgo County 4-H Foundation
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